REinitialization. Step One. Laceration.

The glitches seem to be getting worse heh.

Is it me or is everything acting like a computer? Haha, I forget.

Whether I dwell within the matrix or not, tis time for a pretty blatant update.

Tis the season!

Christmas is in the air!

If by christmas they mean blood, urine, and rot.

But I'm pretty sure I'm not fortunate enough for that.

I managed to scrounge up some pretty fucked up lights though, they flash green and red.

Good news though is that my impressive goal of forcefully extracting samples from...


Good news is that I've been tentatively serenaded into opening the closed doors of yesterday's trash and revealing tomorrow's.....


He had me swear to keep my mouth shut and keep to my duties like a good little girl. I've failed in every aspect of the word. He doesn't even look at me with pride anymore.

So I have been sat down in front of a computer with only one rule and one directive.

Watch and listen.

And don't fuck anything else up.

.........hell my punishment hurt....

The man with crooked arms can't get to me though as long as I don't piss off Father anymore.

Which makes me slightly less depressed.

But I'm still left alone, even with Him looking over my shoulder again, everything that has happened these last... god felt like years... has been cut off from me.

It feels as though I've been forced to stop reading a book right as it got to the good parts.

I can tell it pisses me off.

But I'm not allowed to let it get to me.

Might be for the best.... right?