Hope I'm (Not) Intruding...

Freedom from that wretched attic.

From being all alone. And being oh so cold...

Mwahahaha I've been set free. Those damned chains 'father' kept me tied down with until I was 'ready'.


I'm moving! All over! Up, down, all around haha!

I've been set loose upon this world, to raze the land beneath my feet, to rot away the festering ties of poisoned authority with each step I take.

Like a plague of roaches.

But with a pretty face.

Or should I say wretched as well?

Either way, I'm free.

Skipping down your street perhaps?

I haven't mentioned The Construct lately have I?


Better? heheheh.

I've already got a destination.

In a hospital no less...

In hindsight he is one of the few I actually wanted to meet, not butcher...

Also the fact that he has arms that... from the looks of the pictures and description...

Might cut me in half with one flick of the wrist.


And now that the cashier keeps eyeballing me in this DECREPIT McDonalds, probably because I look like an abused runaway, when in fact those bruises are.... self-inflicted....

With that I must keep moving.

With these words of anarchy spilling heatedly from my lips.

I feel like cutting something open...


Check. And, Mate.

The deck's been cut.

The game is set.

The cards have been dealt.

My bet's been placed.

I've seen my hand.

I know my odds.

It's time to get things started.

I raise you, one needle and a mindfuck.

Your turn.


Sunday Pest.

You all have a nice Sunday?

I personally hope not.

Now I'm guessing you all don't know too much about me. (except the four who raised me since I was eight haha)

And I'm also guessing that maybe, /gasps/ you want to KNOW a tad about me?!?!?

Oh my, am I blushing.

Aren't I the popular one? Tehe.


Meanwhile, in REALITY.

You obviously don't give a shit, you just look my way for any sort of entertainment, and since I only aim to please it's my job to throw on my jester cap and happily tell you all to FUCK OFF!!!!

Obviously I'm just something to stare at in wonderment as you whisper among yourselves about how I'm so intimately associated with the 'Slender Man'.

And let's face it.

People like the Executor, Gallows, Messenger... They can actually be taken seriously.



What do I do?


cue the lightning and thunder.

Trying to be a badass, somehow all I get are curious eyes.

I'm going to suck your cock like a lollipop while I slowly cut it off with a blunt object!

Serious enough?

Too gross?


I'd rather just hide dead birds under your covers and sneak maggots into your milk.

Fuck it.

'Father's' just questioning me. He's considering a fucking overseer or something.

I promised Him that if He tried something like that, I will fucking stab Him.

Haha it won't kill Him but it would sure piss Him off.

Shit, I doubt any of you are even reading anymore. Obviously seeing the lack of a point to this post.

Hey Fuck you I needed to express feelings. Yes folks it's true, I suffer from the most infectious of illness's.



Boring Weekend Extravaganza!

'Father' has me waiting and refining my research before I am officially allowed to start stabbing veins and beating schoolkids.

On one hand it gives me a chance to add a few more people to my already, dare I say, impressive list of potentials.

A few of them are simply because I actually would really enjoy getting to see them in person, steal their blood and raid their fridges.

Haha but on the other fucking hand.

I have been left all alone with nothing to do but to remain hidden within this dingy, cold attic with but a pile of wormy blankets, a pillow, and a holey sweater to keep me warm.

A rigged laptop my only source of entertainment.

While I do enjoy harassing people I actually have a fondness for on the internet.

It does tend to irk me when every single one of them fails to be online!!!!

I would go about annoying 'father' with another 'blank face' joke, but he seems to be rather pissed off today.

Heheheheh He must be going through His period.


I'm itching to jab some needles into peoples spines. Oooooh do I love that certain POP! sound it makes when it finally stabs through the cartilage. 

I admit I've always had an annoying dislike for being alone. Yet that's the predicament I always find myself in.

I need to acquire a life.

Perhaps with kids my age.

We can spend time together watching movies, playing videogames, then I can introduce them to their spleens!

Ahhh, I think I'd be a great friend.

I guess I'll go back to surfing through painful memories on the internet, maybe spiral into a small depression and see what it feels like to break a needle off in an artery.

One of the many perks of being a ragdoll in 'father's' grip.

Aaaaaaand remember kids, Keep spreading the chaos, let all anarchy loose like Hell!

If you do I'll be your best frieeeeeeend...

Just a Clarification

I don't hate every single one of you.

I just don't fucking like you.

When first we encounter, you might be tempted to shoot me in the face, remove my organs and maybe wear my skin like a pair of pajamas...

Or maybe that's just me.

Anyway, I just want to make things crystal clear, I'm not coming to kill you like most others. Maybe... injure.. or horribly maim.

Not kill unless I'm faced with it.

I may be one of the most godawful creatures you ever lay eyes upon.

But I'm just a sweet little girl with a penchant for beating people to death with their loved one's dismembered limbs.

I don't know. Maybe I'm just not as violently insane as the rest of my 'family'.

Fuck it I'm getting mushy.

I'm just aware of my limits and I'm aware of most of all of your advantages. I'm just trying to make sure my neck isn't going to be snapped like the twig it is just because you catch me leaving dead animals in your bed.

So... Weak moment over.

Fuck off.


Completion of Compilation.

One-Hundred Fifteen.

Surpassing the goal for a mere hundred. Not by much, but enough to give me a tad bit more freedom to commence the next part of my rather brilliant plan.

I have completed a list of potentials.

Now begins the best part.

The fun part.


Oh don't worry ladies and germs of all varying factions and morals. I'm not going to rip out your spine and beat you to death with it then steal your blood and most major organs.

Though that doesn't mean I'm not going to do that.... heheheh.

No I'm going to be alot more..... subtle.

A single vial of blood is needed.

A single vial is all I need.

Simple really.

Now your part.

I will acquire said blood from each and every one of you.

How I get my little hands upon it though is entirely up to you.

Would you be so nice as to let me prick your arm?

Or would you be more respondent if I slit your fucking throat?

How about amputation?

Hahahaha I have a room full of needles, vials, knives and razors sitting all around me.

'Father' not only gave me permission, but He fucking insists that I don't hold back.

Heheh I can definitely can do that much for 'Him'.

Fortunately now my reports aren't expected on a daily fucking basis.

So now I can actually get to say what it is I want to say.

Happy day.

Now. I think I'm going to look into who I'm going to start stalking myself!

See you all soon.



Lost the use of my computer for SEVENTEEN HOURS due to a 'system update' my computer HAD to undergo.

Fucking annoyance. 

Only got four more potentials before this whole ordeal took place.


I wouldn't be surprised if 'father' stomps in here right now and drapes the curtains with my intestines because of this.


I sat there watching the blue screen apply THIRTY SEVEN UPDATES.

Sat there waiting........ and waiting.......... and waiting........ and waiting......

My anger peaked and I went next door and killed the neighbor's cat.

Heheheh they sound so funny when you remove the fur BEFORE you kill them...

Anyway. Ninety-Seven potentials isn't that bad. A few more days and I should have enough to commence the second part of my plans.

The Construct Shalt Be Erect!



Do Not Disturb Me Folks I Bite

So damn tired. 

So. Fucking. Tired.

Had my worthless arse dragged out of my rather comfy pile of blankets just because I 'failed to deliver my report  on time'...

So what if I passed out yet again and missed deadline by a few hours?


Slit. Cut. Slash.

Carved 'Do Not Disturb' upon his chest, broke both his middle fingers, then kicked him off the roof.

As you can see, I am very cranky if I'm woken up before I WANT to be woken up.


They better be fucking happy, minus the bloodstains, (and countless f-bombs) I must say it was very detailed and enlightening.

I might have rambled on a tad about how I need gummy bears. But beside the point.


Savvy? No?

Go fuck yourself.

I'm henceforth going to curl in a ball beneath my blankets in a futile attempt to escape the cold of this dank and dreary hell hole, and dream about all the many ways I'm going to kill you all.

You need me?

I'll be there.

But please.



Minor Improvements Considered

Raised the roster by a mere twelve freaks today.

This setback unfortunately came to light due to a rather annoying human need to actually 'sleep'.

Apparently eight days without sleep does that to a person...


I've brought up my rather impressive list to ninety- three!

Seven more and I reach triple digits!

Hahahaha this endeavor is proving so godforsakenly easy that I can't even see why 'father' wanted someone else to do this!


Personal matters still remain generally low.

Be it my intentional anti-social behavior, incessant taunting, or tendency to swear like fucking crazy, the spreading of verbal, mental, physical corruption has hit a wall.

Apparently putting myself out there and spreading the concept of the Construct isn't enough.

I'm going to have to improvise...

Fortunately, imagination is one thing I don't find lacking.


Fucking Fools


Eighty-one different people have been examined and categorized as literal potentials.

'Father' didn't believe in me.

Neither did anyone else of my 'family'.

They kept saying that I was too unstable. Too weak to take on the duties that everyone else was given.

The supposed 'runt' of the liter.

But with every probable outlet that I acquire for the Construct, I prove them wrong just a little bit more.

Finally I'm proving that I'm just as much a vital part to this 'family' as anyone else.

Aaah, I can hear the laughter dying in their throats as I write up yet another report depicting my success so far.

And I'm doing it MY way.

Hahaha I'm going to create the Construct, and it's going to be the most amazing and vital tide-turner since the creation of the Manufactured Newborn!!!

Now put THAT in your juicebox and SUCK IT!


The Construct UPDATE.

Con-struct (kon-struct')
tr.v. con·struct·edcon·struct·ingcon·structs
1. To form by assembling or combining parts; build.
2. To create (an argument or a sentence, for example) by systematically arranging ideas or terms.
3. Mathematics To draw (a geometric figure) that meets specific requirements.
n. (kon'strukt')
1. Something formed or constructed from parts.
a. A concept, model, or schematic idea.
b. A concrete image or idea.

Bolstering the amount of potentials within the building of The Construct. Thirty-Two have now been subjugated within it's reign.

Unwittingly. Unknowing.

Soon they'll all realize just what the Construct is.

Soon they'll all realize that there IS no right and wrong. 

Only existence.

All perception of what is will be mindfucked into oblivion.

The concept of teamwork will be euthanized.

Doesn't matter if you are a witless fool against Him. Or a blinded fucker who's with Him.

By allowing the Construct to be birthed from the mind into reality.

Freedom shall be forever granted.

Under the anarchic flag of Slender.

Mwahahahahahahahahaha... I've been working on an evil laugh as well. Seeing as the Construct must be birthed from the blood of many, I need to get into character before going on what is promising to be a most enjoyable killing spree.

And as 'Father' as promised me.

The bloodier the better....


See Through What They See


Carrying the undeniable promise of oppression upon it's tempered wings.

The taste of suppression.

The lack of expression.

Driving the nails into our flesh. Binding us helplessly to it's damning will.

Stand up and resist,

End up lynched from a broken branch within a field of crosses.

To create we must destroy.

To destroy we must create.

The Construct awaits those willing to partake.

Damn the Bleeding Tree.

But a distraction to keep the attention centered away from MY job.

Weep little piggies. The big bad wolf has blown down your homes.

Now grab your arms and show him what happens when you feed upon the weak...


Spreading The Roots of Madness

Nineteen disease ridden fucks have been infected with the stemming roots of my archaic planning.

Henceforth Nineteen poor fools have unwittingly become a part of The Construct.

A half of them have earned my response to their pathetic squabbles and plights.

Mostly because I was applauding their idiocy. Others because I was wholeheartedly proud to see them taking their own wrench to the machine.

As expected. By taking steps to begin construction of The Construct I have already attracted the eyes of the curious and malevolent. 

As well as a furious appearance of Him.

Heheheh apparently He wanted someone else to be in charge of this project...

Apparently he thinks I'm a bit too... rebellious...


Rebellion of The Masses

Stand up fuckers!

It's time you've heard my voice.

Such poison today's propaganda seems to be spewing out into modern channels nowadays isn't it?

Makes one want to take the knife to their throat and end it all before the fucking Slender Man takes care of you for you.

Conversion, perversion, distortion, extortion...

He is quite the jack of all motherfucking trades isn't He?

Runners, Fighters, Proxies, Fuckers and of course those who prefer not to be categorized.

The beginning of the end has been authorized!

The annihilation of all those who resist desensitized! 

Resistance futile?

More like accepted.

Time to give this entire advertisement the fuck in the ass it needs to get the goddamn show on the road!

All is fair in love and war.

I wholeheartedly support the latter in this particular situation.

Of course my ramblings will attract little attention right now.

But remember,

It all begins with speaking up......