A game of cat and mouse and rat and dog.

To all who read this, the little anarchitect is learning just how judgmental the damned can be.

In a four way chess match between me, the Slender Man, the Construct, and her.

We'll see just how far she's willing to go to survive.

And keep on living an existence worse than death.

Assimilation is nigh.

This unholy Father is struggling to keep his grip upon all aspects of this quickly unraveling project.

Did he not know the connection between The Anarchitect,  The Artifact and The Construct?

Or did He?

And something went terribly wrong.

Haha who knows.

When the smoke clears, you'll be met with a declaration...

Or an obituary.


He sees me.

Hiding in the walls.

His eyes crawling in my skull like a plague of parasitic roaches.

He knows my name.

My TRUE name.

Make him stop.

Make the voices stop.

My flesh.

It burns.

Burns so brightly I can feel it glowing beneath my skin.

He's inside me.

Inside me.

Rearranging my organs.

Planting seeds.

My flesh is crawling up the walls.

The voices.

The voices are screaming.

Screaming so loud.




Echoes. Echoes.



Dad is that you?


Television Doesn't Rot The Brain, The Subliminal Messaging Does.

I've been... pretty upset the last few days I admit.

Nate... the Artifact.... 'father'.... My stomach...

I admit it was all getting to be a tad bit too much for me to handle all at once.

So I hid myself away in the basement with the Construct. Moping... Crying... kicking the damned thing and shouting at it to work... eventually sitting next to it and trading life stories....

You know, girl stuff.

Anyway, about Thirty-Two hours into my idiotic tantrum, I was telling the Construct about.... personal things...

When I somehow found myself meeting the wall rather intimately.

My head felt cold stone hit it with a nice, solid, crack!

I found myself reeling.

Then found myself on my belly.

A strong knee pressing into my spine.

It hurt.

Now I admit the only things being said in that brief scuffle was every word that could somehow incorporate 'fuck' in to it.

Which surprisingly enough was ALOT.

"Oh you have quite the heated tongue now don't you hun?"

I shut the fuck up at that.

I recognized that voice.

I felt him sit atop me.

He was warm...

"Well now that I have your attention... care to tell me why you haven't called?" He teases and I start to squirm.

The only thought within my mind were huge fluorescent words that lit up the forefront of my mind.


For some reason I just could not put those words into my mouth.

He leans over and bites my ear.

And I squeak.

Yes I fucking squeak.

I squeaked and I blushed and I tried my damned best to curl into a ball.

Anything so he'd stop making me feel so pleasantly helpless and let me get the upper hand again.

Unfortunately he was strong.

Very strong.

My thrashing limbs beat upon him like mere twigs.

Damn I'm weak....

I could feel my voice inching back from wherever the fuck it went.

"Get off me and let me kill you!!!!" I scream and he just smirks.

Fucker just smirks!

"You are so cute when you're helpless." He laughs then rolls me over in one swift movement so we are face to face.

I do not know why but my eyes first went to his lips. I admit I wanted. and I mean REALLY wanted what came next.

He kissed me.

Dunno why.

Don't really care.

He kissed me.

I could feel my cheeks burning a bright red.

But I didn't mind.

I fell in love with his kiss.

Suddenly a strange shock pricked our lips.

Like when you rub your feet in the carpet then touch someone.

It changed him.

His eyes grew a tad darker. His voice deepened. And all pleasantries faded away.

"Tell me what the fuck I want to know before I cut each little tooth out of that pretty little fuckhole you have."

I admit that kinda turned me on. I could feel the tension building all around me.

"I'll tell you everything you want to goddamn know once I am done using your big head to unlock my Construct..." I growl back and he leans in closer.

"Who the fuck is the Slenderman?" he seethes and I stare back at him with my hideously deep blue eyes.

"My dick. I also have a pair of boobs I call Blow and Me."

He slaps me hard across the face.

I feel myself moan a little.

"TELL ME." he roars and I feel myself smirk.

"Ask Him yourself." I giggle and on cue 'father' thrusts a tentacle through his arm and propels him in to the back wall.

Perks of being a proxy I guess.

You know when He comes round.

The Artifact screams out in pain as his shoulder starts to bloody.

His warm crimson blood dripping from 'father's' arm...

I crawl to my feet, feeling a tad worse for wear, then look up at Him.

He cocks His head to the side.

I nod.

He looks back at the Artifact, and then a few more tentacles wrap around his limbs and lift him high into the air, before bringing him down upon the Construct.

The sound it made was deafening.

So much so that even 'father' dropped everything and just vanished.

Blood trailed lightly down my ears.

My head was ringing.

But still.

I step over the Artifact's unconscious form and stop before the Construct.

It was moving...

I felt myself smile.

Then fall forward and drape myself amongst the Construct.

I swear I could hear it's heart beating...


Confusion wrapped in Bubblegum

I'm..... I'm bleeding again.

Quite alot this time.


It was fucking worth it though.

Holy shit was it worth it...

Long story short?

The Construct is alive and moving.

And a sidenote?

......I think I'm in love...

or lust.

Whichever is considered more relevant towards a teenager.

Hmm... how offputting is that?

I dunno.

I'm gonna go eat pizza.

Pizza sounds good.

...I should get a band aid to cover this gaping hole in my stomach as well.



Departure and Arrival

No one saw me.

I made sure of it.

Attended a certain funeral.

Don't really know why.

Just had to I guess...

It was pretty boring just so you know.

So explosions or fire.

Definitely no blood.

Just...... shock... and awe?

Everyone seemed distant.

Most likely cause 'father' stood beside me.

He's been.... taking a real interest in my situation with the Artifact and the Construct.

Won't leave me the fuck alone.


Because I know you're going to read this, Tor..... You remind me that music can still be beautiful.

Now on another topic.

Much more uplifting.

....and delicious.


Yes, a many of you are wondering when I will finally pick up the fucking pace and get to work draining you of this such precious substance.

It's just since the accident with Nate's......

Since I had that 'incident' I find the whole collection process unimportant compared to acquiring the Artifact.

....and no it's not cause of anything else.

Now that you've all been updated as to my current status, I will now get back to tracking the fucking Artifact.

Oh yes, and to all who want to hug me,

I bite.




....So she was face to face with the Slender Man for the very first time.

Lying broken upon her bed.

Naked, cold, alone. The tears leaking from her eyes in streams.

He just stood there with that strange tilt to His head.

Her breath was ragged.


Strangely, as he stands on the other side of the room, He still manages to reach out a long, slender hand with ease and gently touch the girl's cheek.

Immediately she felt a wave of sickness bubble within her stomach.

But also... something else, hidden just beneath the surface.

She KNEW she was about to die. She KNEW that this wasn't normal.

But she didn't care.

She managed a smile.

And took the being's hand.

Helping her up, He urged her towards the door. Careful to always hold her hand.


She opens the door and wanders out, waiting a moment as her demonic companion unnaturally flowed through the door with a strange liquid motion.

Down the hall they went.

The girl was curious. Wondering if He was an angel, here to lead her into eternity.

It would explain the feeling of dread that was slowly eating upon the edges of her mind.

They come upon the door of her parents room.

She looks up at Him. Scared.

He reaches out one of His hands, and rips off a finger.

As He hands it to her, He had already manifested a new one.

And the finger He had handed to her had somehow conformed into that of an almost alien looking blade.

It felt warm to the touch, the deadly looking edge promising an easy, painful cut.

It felt natural within her grasp.

She looks back up at the angel.

He nods and opens the door for her.

Gently pushing her inside.

Her parents lay unconscious upon their bed. Teddy bear father still naked from earlier... damned mother wrapped within his arms. A smile upon her face...

The girl's grip tightened around the knife.

Yet with the fierce determination and heat of vengeance staining red her mind, she found herself surprised just how naturally she found herself creeping up to the bed.

Their breathing a torrential pain within her ears.

How she longed to make that decrepit sound stop.

She stopped just in front of her mother.

The girl's face inhuman.

Something wrong had changed it.

No longer did that scared, broken little daughter reside within anymore.

She'd been replaced.

By revenge.

The blade cut through the air with ease, a gentle swipe and her mother's eyes were bulging as her throat splits open and blood starts gushing out in rivers.

The gurgling awoke the father.

His eyes widened at the sight of his sex toy ripping open his darling dear.

With a squeak he falls out of bed.

The girl's ears perked up, and like the quickly flowing blood she was standing before her father. the blade dripping the essence of what was her mother.

The man she was forced to call her father was whimpering before her.

She smiled.

"But daddy, don't you love me?"

She crawls upon her father.

A tiny hand gently gripping his precious...

He moaned.

The blade came down.

He screamed.

She looked at him with a rage that no child should ever have possessed.

And she shoved that blade deep into his open mouth.

Feeling it slip through flesh. brain. then a pop as it went through bone and pinned the man's head to the wall behind him.

His eyes were bloodshot.

Tongue lolling.

Bleeding profusely from both heads.

The girl found herself crying.


Tears falling down in streams.

She rips the blade out and brings it down again.

and again.

again. again. again. again. AGAIN. AGAIN. AGAIN!


As she brings the knife above her head once more, the blood and tears and sweat all mixed into one upon her face, dripping down her cold, shivering, flesh.

His hand gently stopped her.

Taking the knife from her and setting it aside.

The girl looks up at the Slender Man with dull eyes.

He looks down upon that broken creature.

Slides down to his knees, and pulls her into His arms, her small frame contrasting against His.

He let her sob and curl up into His chest.

Blood smearing His suit.

For hours it went on.

Her parents bodies finally growing cold.

The blood finally stopping.

As the first rays of sunlight started to peer in through the windows.

He stood up.

Her form in His arms.

And as He turned and left the room.

She fell asleep.

Finally feeling safe...


Artifacts, Lips, Snow and Bile. All the things that make life worthwhile.

As I write this, I'm sitting here in my attic, covered in scrapes and bruises. And my mouth is sewn shut.

My clothes tattered, maybe 'rags' are a better term for them now.

I'm fucking freezing.

My lips hurt.

I should be in a rage right now. I really. REALLY should. But... I can't get passed this horrific calm.


I found it.

The artifact.

Unfortunately... He found me too.

Still not making sense?

I've been the artifact's plaything for the last couple days.

He's insane....

like me.

I found him. I fucking found him. And shit I was ready to collect him and take him home be it in one piece or many.

He was waiting for me.

Said he could smell the ashes of the Construct on me.

I... 'invited' him to come back and see it.

He put a knife through my hand.

I liked that feeling.


I think he noticed that shimmer I get in my eyes when I get excited.

Cause he started at me again.

But I was ready.

Perks of being obsessed with knives.

I have at least two dozen on my person at any time.

More if I'm going to sleep.

Something about the cold feel of metal pressing gainst my warm skin...

I slit a thin line of flesh across his chest.

Oh fuck did he LOVE that.

I doubt that Starbuck's will ever be the same again.

He hurled me through the window.

I curled my hands around the random shards of glass, feeling it's edges rip into my skin.

I think I gasped.

He let me cut him. Over and over.

I loved it.

He enjoyed it more I think...

kind of turned me on...

The fight (Or should I say orgy?) spilled out into the street.

Each time I felt that cold silver slip across my flesh, opening up a new wound, oh god...

He won though...

I liked it too much, let him cut me one too many times...

I blacked out from petty blood loss.

Curse of being young and stupid?


He is almost twice my age.

I think.

He has facial hair.

That has to mean something.

I think I woke up in his arms a while later.

Just for a moment. I fell back into darkness pretty quickly.

When I woke up again. I was laying on a bare bed.


Then again I haven't slept in an actual 'bed' in years.

He was there.


He put a long slender finger to the place where his lips would be, and playfully cocks his head to the side.

I blink and He's gone.

And the door across from me opens.

The Artifact enters.

He had patched up his wounds.

I realized he'd patched mine too.

I felt oddly warm.

He started talking.

Saying he KNOWS why I'm after him. That he KNOWS who I'm 'working' for.

He mentions his pleasure in fighting me.

I think I blushed.

At this point I tried to talk.

But I realized my mouth had been sewn shut.

He smirked.

Told me he wanted to wait until he KNEW if I was 'trustworthy' before he lets himself hear my voice.

Says voices don't fade.

I don't think he knows how important he is to me.

Hmm.... I don't like the way that sentence sounded....

Ahem, I don't think he knows he's the Artifact.


He cut me once more before leaving for good.

He knows how much I like it now...

'Father' walked out of the shadows.

He nodded... if he had a face I KNOW He would be smiling.

One step closer to the Construct's completion.

Just have to catch the fucker.


I'm looking forward to it...


I think I might fancy him.


Why couldn't the Artifact have been a sponge or something?


Plot Twists.

...So the girl grew accustomed to the constant terror she had been thrust into.

Day after day.

Night after horrific night.

Not a single soul to look to for guidance.

for safety.

for love.

She was slowly hollowing out. all on her own.

Emotions rotting away. Her innocent beauty twisting into something obscure.

She was dying.

She hated herself. But never for the cliche reasons that one would have expected.

She had started finding herself imagining things.

Dark... terrible... nightmarish things.

Things that she wanted to do to her father... to make him feel exactly how she felt every time he forced himself upon her.

The sins she wanted to commit upon the mother that was supposed to protect her.

She started to hurt herself.

As punishment.

She felt herself changing. Into something she never wanted to be.

It only forced her ever farther down the path of self destruction.

To the door that would eventually open up upon her death.

Whenever she looked towards the future, she only ever saw black with a spatter of blood.

She was simply waiting for death to finally come take her.

That is...

Until He came along...


Damn I Could Go For Some Nachos Right Now.

I can practically feel my stomach digesting itself heheh.

Due to my inane stubbornness and intense anti-social behavior. (Maybe a little frightened and shy...) I've kept my sights set upon finding this seemingly nonexistent artifact and slowly killing myself rather than approach what could possibly be... friends?


Weakness got me into this mess in the first place...

So yeah.

Apparently it's the first sign of the apocalypse folks, let's cue the applause.

What I shall now label, THE GREAT SLENDER ALLIANCE! has begun some sort of crusade to destroy something MORE evil than 'father'...

Might explain some things. heh.

Though I wonder if 'father's' feeling a bit sore about the whole thing?

I mean come on, how long has His name sent chills up our spines? How long have we been scared to look out the window because of Him?

Now some other monster is stealing his thunder?

Hell even I'D be pissed.

Apparently this ultimate (for the moment) evil goes by /It/.

And no folks it's not Pennywise we're dealing with here.   


Part of me wants to fantasize about maybe this 'alliance' isn't temporary...

....peace at last?

Or maybe whilst all this peace mongering is going on, 'father' is slowly putting into motion a grand scheme to cripple everyone when all their backs are turned.... heheheheh...

Either way, everything is not always what it seems. And I doubt these 'Fears' truly understand exactly what a true fear is.

I admit I hate seeing the deceitful veils we so painstakingly create are removed and we have to see the true faces... and they just don't deliver us the evil we so crave.

Hahaha I swear to god I'm not just kicking a hornet's nest, I'm setting it on fire...

Eh whatever. I don't feel good, my head's starting to hurt, and damn I crave some blood spillage.

Better keep moving.



So the strangest thing happened today...

I was sitting under dressed outside. Simply watching the flow of blood gently drip from my outstretched wrist, Somehow finding some playful joy in watching how it melts straight through snow.

Father showed up.

Don't know how He got there, but that's just how He is I guess.

I don't know how long He watched either. Maybe since I felt Him there. Maybe since I slashed my wrist.

He watched me as I bled one of those stupid operator symbols in the snow.

For fun.

I admit... someone I thought dead slipped through...

I found myself singing.

I don't remember doing that since I was eight...

No I will not tell you what I was singing.


He placed a hand on my shoulder...

Not like he usually does, with that stomach churning shock that's usually sent through the system...

But... comfortingly...

I admit... I felt safe again...

Like when I was eight...

Damn why does it always have to trace back to then...


Remember, Remember.

It's snowing.....

I've forgotten what it felt like against my face.



You know that girl I told you about a while ago?

That little dorky, blonde haired girl?

She always loved the snow.

The only time she could be amongst angels.

That was before she was locked away though.

You remember that depraved father of hers?

His relentless torment never let up.

You could see it in her face... that ragged smile... hopeless eyes...

It became so apparent that people started to notice.

Especially the mother.


One winter night, after a huge storm I think, that mother walked in on the two.

The father's weight pressed down upon the choking little girl...

The mother was shocked... scared(?)... confused...

The little girl saw hope. The barest glimmer. Her heart was beating faster. She KNEW she was going to be okay.

Until she watched as her mother turned around and left, closing the door behind her.


It was at this moment that that little girl realized she had no family.

Only demons.

Not running rampant in her mind. No.

They stood over her outside her mind.

Though that damned father made damn sure they were inside as well...


I'm going to go play in the snow...

get sick...

Maybe die...

Cause in death, winter lasts forever.


Here, Then There, Then Everywhere.

It seems that everything is conspiring against me.

Or maybe I'm just extremely paranoid.

I realize something, and with that realization, comes about a dozen questions.

And each time I find the answer to one of them, the fragment seem to multiply.

Like a hydra?

I don't fucking know.

'Father' has sent me on a godforsaken goose chase.

I think I found what I'm looking for, and instead I find some grand plot twist and must head to where it SHOULD be next.

I haven't slept or eaten in the last few days.


hmm... no.

My body'es screaming for a break, but my stubbornness is refusing to let up.

I might just run myself into the grave hahaha.

I swear to god if I don't get a hold of this 'artifact' soon I'm going to set fire to an orphanage...


Irrational Treasure. (Or how the Construct blew me)

I pissed off 'father' today.

Enough so that He had to remind me exactly who it is whose in charge.

.......It still hurts...

Anyway, In other news I've realized that I'm missing something.

Something vital.

Now when I attempted to take Nathan's blood and adhere it to the base of the Construct....

It sort of exploded in my face.

Ripped a leg and both arms off. Removed a vast quantity of flesh. and introduced my teeth to my brain.

I admit I might have kind of, maybe cried.

Now of course 'Father' came and sewed me back together so all is well on that front, but fuck was He pissed that I attempted something that I apparently wasn't ready to attempt yet.

I can't just dump the blood on top of the Construct, I have to be a tad more precise.

Luckily, I still have enough of Nathan's blood that should I do it the RIGHT way, it should still work.

But now I have to go on a mini quest.

To acquire the right apparatus to properly manipulate the Construct.

Now to all the little piggies who don't understand what the fuck I'm talking about.

Construct is powerful. I am not. I fuck with the Construct. I am going to get blown apart again. If I use an artifact as powerful as the Construct. I don't get blown into next year. Yippee.

So sorry Kitty, I'm going to have to put stabbing you in the kidney and stealing your juices on pause right now.

I have to go treasure hunting...

Fuck me...


Me Making An Arse Of Myself And Other Strange Events


The smell of death and recycled air was making my nose itch.

I felt like I was strolling through a horror movie. With all those long white halls, fluorescent lights, and that feeling of dread lingering upon my bones.

I think I was scared.


I don't know. Maybe because this will be the first potential I'm collecting from.

And from the things I've read about him...

I doubt the word 'hospitalized' meant a thing to him.

So now I'm standing before this big white door.

I could feel eyes on me from all directions.

I wanted to be a smartass and flip em the bird but I doubt that'd get me any closer to acquiring what I came for.

Though it would have done wonders for this behemoth I call my ego.

So instead I raise my fist and knock lightly on the door. Resisting the urge to simply kick the door in and use some witty one-liner like "Hellooooooooo Nurse!" or "I Hope You Brought Your Wallet, Cause The Rent In Hell Get's Paid In Advance!"

Ahem...... Anyways,

"Come in."

I push open the door to reveal my first potential in the hospital bed.

Exactly how I had envisioned him, though he had this smile pasted upon his face.

I watched him for a second...


He chuckles "I expected you to be... older."

My look changes to a glare.

"And I expected you to be taller." I retort (rather weak comeback I know...)

Another long moment follows.

"You going to just stand there?" He smirks.

Am I already screwing up here???? Fuck!

I walk to the bed and quickly look him over.

Now his arms are obviously not going to be a good source of blood right now... And I have to resist the throat...

I glance up at him.

I could swear he was holding back laughter.

I gently slide a syringe and a small switchblade from my jacket pocket.

"This is my favorite part..." Nathan says and I literally blush.


Moving on....

Now I lift up his shirt a tad, revealing his stomach and I then take my blade and slit his side.

I hear a slow intake of breath. And I smile a little as I then take the syringe and collect as much of the blood as I could, tracing the tip of the needle along the edges of the small wound.

After a few silent minutes, and the syringe could take no more, I cap it, and slide it back into my pocket, procuring a band aid from it's depths to take it's place.

I wipe the stray blood from the wound with my shirt then slap the band aid over it, proudly stepping back and surveying my work.

I felt euphoric.

Nathan just raises his eyebrow at what I had done.

His only response,

"Hello Kitty....?"

I smirk, "They accentuate the wound nicely."

He chuckles a little. "You are indeed different."

I smile inside, "Finally somebody notices my differences heh."

He laughs a little but then hits me with a serious curveball question,

"So what is this Construct you are always preaching about?"

My mind blanks and I found my upper lip quivering.

"It's something special. that will change everything." was my vague response.

He frowns a moment then nods.

"I wish you luck in your endeavors then, unless of course they are going to hurt me or the ones I care about, if that's the case I hope you fail miserably."

I smirk.

"Well doesn't that make me all warm and fuzzy inside." I giggle, my confidence returning little by little.

I then turn to leave.

"Heh, so soon?" He says and I stop a moment.

"I got what I came for, what else is there for me to stay for?" I reply, trying my best to keep a serious face.

"Hmm, okay then... goodbye." I nod and walk to the door.

As I reach for the doorknob... I stop and look back at him.

"Umm....... Thank you." I blurt out rather sheepishly and he smiles once more.

"No problem, just ask if you ever want more, I've always got some to spare." He chuckles and I then take my leave.

After I heard the door click shut, I finally did what I did NOT want him to see.

I fucking smiled.

Like.... REALLY smiled.

Like I haven't done in a very long time.

I've made progress, of course I made a total ass of myself, but I MADE PROGRESS!!!

I felt like I was on top of the world at that moment, odd seeing as it was just the first step and I had a million more ahead of me.

But I was proud.

I gently slid my hand into my pocket and felt the syringe that contained that oh so glorious blood.

And so I start to leave the hospital.

Oddly... as I started walking a hooded someone passed by me.

A normal occurrence...

But what wasn't normal was that........ I swear....

I saw my mother's face looking at me from under that hood.


She's dead...



So there was this girl. Right?

She was.... about yea high, dorky smile, mop of dirty blonde hair.

She might have been.... innocent? at the time.

Six years old right?

Behemoth of a father.

Angel of a mother.

A cliche portrait of the american family.

Now behind the picture... festered... countless sins, addictions, demons.

The father, looking as big an innocent as a scruffy teddy bear, hid an addiction to heroin. A pretty disease.

He usually kept it hidden and under control right?

But sometimes, he would have a bit too much.

Get all shaky.

Wife won't even look at him.

Yet he'd have this itch...

A burning itch that bubbled and seethed and screamed to be itched.

He usually would hide in the garage and moan and eventually wait it out.

But somehow his twisted mind came upon another option.

That cute little six-year old girl.

Mother had long since fallen asleep.

And he tip-toed into her room.

Closing the door eeever so quietly.

It really hurt that first time.

She never could stop crying.

Bursting through those loving seams arose a grizzly.

Never was he gentle.

I think he was letting out his anger at his wife too.

It was almost... a weekly event?

The little girl was growing quite numb.

He enjoyed her crying though.

Soon he resorted to beating her until she'd cry for him.

Was that how he got hard?

I'm guessing so.

He used to leave in disgrace.

But somehow, as the weeks grew into months, it slowly changed into a smile.

He seemed to find.... enjoyment?