...And I was just trying to figure out exactly HOW I am supposed to be of ANY importance to you, father, OR the Monument.

And every word that you let exit your little skullcave is only pissing me off.

I KNOW who I am. I don't need you to tell me that.

And I can promise you I will NEVER do what you expect me to do. No matter HOW much gore you promise it'll cause.

I won't hurt father like that.

.....Stop looking at me like that.

OKay stop it.

NoT Agian.

PLeaSe STop.


God PleAse.

No non No Non no nono No.

Stop PLeaSees I BEg of YOU!

It hurts. so bad.

Let me gO.

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  1. Fucking hell, Anarchitect. Is there anything I can do?