Last Night.

I finally figured out exactly where I stand with my father. I'll struggle to keep this brief but considering what has just happened.... yeah...

The last week I've been trying to retrace my steps. Since my memories of the last four-five months still remain unknown to me except in strange abstract bits and pieces, I've been taking advantage of the current quiet and making as much progress as I can before I need to run again.

Yeah... I don't believe I'm nothing more than a pitiful runner anymore.

I haven't used a fucking knife on someone in I don't know how long. I feel sick when I even try.

I've been paining through these... strange... withdrawals from it too. Leaving me nearly incapacitated and vulnerable to anything, even sickness.

I must admit I'm not doing too well.

Then came last night.

After spending a marathon of thirty hours crouched over the computer tracing memories and attempting to get in touch with any of my former allies... I crashed. Never a good idea. But my composure has been strained so severely that I've started passing out without even checking locks or investigating noises.

I awoke to a blue screen and the pouring rain pelting the only window to my rotten room. My face ached and I could feel a thrum echoing inside my ears.

I groggily got up and dragged my ass into the bathroom for a glass of yellowed water. The lights refused to work, but my idiot ass refused to accept the warning and proceeded to continue on my dreary task in the dark.

After choking down tainted water, I return to the room I had nested in.

And outlined in a flash of lightning was Him.

Arms hanging casually down passed His knees, featureless face staring motionlessly at me. I stopped and just returned the stare. My sleep ridden mind clearing almost instantaneously as I felt a smile rip across my face in excitement.

My father had finally returned for me.

I felt my legs give way as I practically throw myself into His arms. I felt Him embrace me close to Him and I bury my face intimately into His belly and hold back tears as I knew things were going to be better now that He was here to take me home.


He remained emotionless. Holding me close in what felt like a parody of the meaning it was supposed to hold. Confused I look up at Him, exposing my neck, and that's when He finally moved.

His slender fingers slipped and tightened around my throat, cutting off all oxygen from reaching or exiting my lungs. My eyes widen as I feel myself being lifted high into the air, His grip burning my throat as my hands reacted and gripped His arm, trying to pull it away but to no avail.

I'm growing lightheaded now, and panic was coursing through my veins as I tried to understand why He was doing this to me.

Yet as the world started to dim around me, I felt my mind go numb and all I could think about was to escape and I started to kick and flail, scratching at His arm and managing to get my teeth to bury themselves into the flesh between His thumb and index finger.

He kept squeezing tight my throat so I just kept grinding my teeth into his flesh, a cold black liquid squirting and spitting into my mouth as I ended up biting off a large chunk of my father.

He dropped me after that. Staring at His hand oddly as I spat the lump of bloodied flesh to the floor, coughing and struggling to refill my lungs with air.

I could hear the thrum in the room build in volume and I glanced up just in time to see Him whip me across the face with a slim tendril, ripping open my cheek and sending me sprawling across the room.

Numb and with stars still spinning around my head I managed to yank myself to my feet and take off down the hall, my instincts telling me to flee even though I already knew it would take a miracle to escape Him.

And that miracle came in the form of another twisted being standing at the end of the hallway. His crooked arms streaming towards me as an almost inhuman smile tore open that otherwise featureless face.

I tumbled head over heels as I attempted to turn and run away from Him, starting back the way I came until I saw my father standing at the other end, striding towards me with angrily contorting tendrils.

My heart threatened to explode as I looked back and forth and watched as my father and the man with crooked arms grew closer with each glance. I fell uselessly to the ground and started screaming, tears streaming down my face as I squeezed tight my eyes and hopelessly awaited either one of them to reach me first and quell my life forever.

But suddenly it got silent. No longer did I hear anything except for my frantic breaths and pitiful sobs. And it remained that way for a long time.

It was then that against my better judgement I decided to open my eyes.

And saw them both staring right back at me.

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  1. seems like we've all had a rough time of it, lately. I miss your gleeful threats, girl. I'm still here for you if you need it.