The Realization.

Sitting upon my rotten makeshift bed, I weighed the options of what it was I was about to do. Many twisted thoughts squirming through the mosaic corridors inside my skull.

Unable to fully accept my actions, I took a deep unsteady breath as a consolation prize, and weakly stumbled to my feet.

I twirled the blade between shaky fingers. Taking the first tentative steps from my bed and out into the hallway.

Viscous memories assaulted me within a barrage of painful images of what little I remembered from the last twelve days. Abstract instances played out in what felt like a parody of a horror show. A blend a razored smiles mixed with writhing limbs... I squeezed shut my eyes, taking another deep breath before advancing another few steps.

I was now in the hollow living room, wormy furniture spattered across the wretched area, the very floor beneath me creaking lightly beneath my feathery weight. Promising the splintered wood a sure collapse beneath another ounce of weight.

Little did that mean anything to me, as my eyes were trained intently upon the shadowed mass sitting in the center of the room. Motionless except for the slight rise and fall of her chest.

My breath quickened and I could almost hear my teeth chatter as I struggle to cover the last few feet between me and the unconscious freak. My palms sweaty with an uneasy anticipation that gently warmed up the blade gripped taut in my hand.

As I step before her, a small creak sounds beneath my toes, causing my guest to awake with a frantic shock, groggy eyes glancing around quickly, limbs straining against the bondage, fear quickly taking hold of her posture.

I tried to grin, yet all that I managed was a sickening grimace. And I gently raised a hand and flicked on the lamp above her head. Heat immediately imploded inside the sparking bulb and a bright, yellow light washed harshly over the environment.

Aptly revealing the panicked expression painted upon the girl's face, the tears that poured from puffy red eyes, her exposed chest adopting a rapid rhythm that reminded me of a cornered rabbit....

I could only sigh though, as waiting eagerly at the edge of darkness behind her were two writhing, crooked arms. Leading directly back to the jagged smile that gleamed within the shadows.

"Blllleeeeeddddd Heeerrrrr." I heard the sound seethe from between those lips, pouring out like rusted metal and splashing against my eardrums.

I winced. Looking away from the man with crooked arms, and looking down at the panting little girl before me. I traced my blade along her lips and down her neck, an almost... longing feeling knotting up the inside of my stomach.

I wanted to kill this child so badly.

To see her bleed and moan and die. Oh how I relished even the thought of just killing her. It pumped adrenaline through my silky veins and added a sense of purpose that I couldn't help but feel more powerful than anything fate could thrust at me.

I glanced back up and saw the man with crooked arms closer than he had been a moment ago, that smile wider than ever before...

"Slllliiiiiiiitttttt Heeeeeerrrrrrr." He whispers with a growing rage. My eyes ripping away from him and directing themselves at the child once more, this time my hand snaking out and gripping her tightly by the throat, forcing her to expose her neck, my opposite hand pressing the knife angrily against the flesh.

I felt the knife break the skin and the child start to scream. His smile still widening, my body trembling uncontrollably. And I felt tears begin to flow against my will.

I couldn't...

My body... My mind... my demons... they wanted me to kill again...

But my heart refused to left me.

With a thrust I toss the blade away, embedding it into the wall across the room from me, I'm forcing myself to look away from the child.

"Do NOT Leave THIS." I hear him whisper with a hate that even I felt for myself.

I ignored his threatening tone and turned away from the two.

With an outstretched hand I place my hand quietly upon the light switch and sigh.

While I may not be able to kill, that doesn't stop me from watching someone else.

With a click the room's once again enveloped in darkness.

And all I could hear after that were the screams.


  1. Anarchitect.....what happened to you while you were out of commission?

    it's not that I'm disappointed in your inability to kill-- it's just....something has changed your personality dramatically, and that worries me.

  2. I'm still struggling to figure that part out. I can barely remember anything. Which seriously pisses me off.