Fuck Her.

She tells me to take another nap inside that fucking head of hers. That I should not tread where I am not needed. She speaks with an authority that she does not deserve to wield.

Fuck her. Fuck her in the ass with buzzsaw and make her lap up the blood. She has no right to tell me what I can and cannot do. Fuck she doesn't even deserve the right to still keep screaming inside her skull.

SHE stole her life from me. SHE took every second of my existence and made it hers. She locked me away for my 'protection' then took it upon herself to take advantage of the freedoms that should have been MINE!!! She had no fucking right! I was as good as dead for so long...

And the nice man set me free. He did. I watched with anticipation and glee as he rapidly corroded the bitch's control over her body and let me take back what was rightfully mine. And I did just that. I gave that cunt a taste of her own medicine...

Now I'm free and she's as good as dead. The man with crooked arms now caresses me close to his chest. Cooing a sulfuric lullaby into my ears. He cares. He says he does. And he won't ever hurt me. He promised. He's proven it by keeping that strange tall man from touching me.

He says the tall man wants me dead. And I don't want to die. Not now. Not ever. Which he promises won't ever happen for as long as he's around.

No matter where I run off to, he's always right behind me. Gutting anyone who gets close to me. They want to kill me too he says. And I don't ever want to die...

I only wish he could protect me from her voice in my head. Keeps saying things... painful things... that jut don't make any sense... Why would the crooked man hurt me, when he makes me feel so safe? She just has to be lying. I'm sure of it. She's pissed that I took back what was rightfully mine and she no longer has any freedom.

I just have to ignore her. Keep her at the back of my mind. Stay close to the crooked man. Because he'll always protect me.

I have the bloodstains to prove it.

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