Okay, I really, really, and I mean REALLY, don't like doing this. Especially considering the fact that it ruins the flow of the events in progress and annoys people.

But seriously.

I don't know how many of you out there are having the same problem as me, but lately, due to the creation of a certain game (Slender), the whole internet universe is imploding with talk of the Slender Man. Now I admit, I've always felt like the whole mythos was an under appreciated topic that deserved more recognition, but now it's drowning in the limelight and I feel like the only person who's standing here helpless as something I've enjoyed for so long slowly die beneath the strain of so many people pointing and screaming and pissing their pants.

Mainly due to the majority of people who don't even peel back the surface and take a closer look at the culture struggling to strive beneath it all. Taking to countless youtube videos, facebook profiles, and by god... the witless memes.

I understand that Slender Man began as an internet meme, but not like have the bullshit his face is being plastered upon nowadays.

Call me an OCD bitch, but I can't stand watching people proclaim their knowledge of the Slender Man when they don't even know what The Something Awful Forum is!

I have issues, and I'm struggling to turn a blind eye towards all of this, but with all these 'celebrities', and I use the term lightly, fanbase upon childish fanbase is streaming over everything and I feel like the 'mainstream', yet another term I use lightly, is devouring this whole intricate web of terror and turning it into a parody of what it used to be.

Rarely does anyone recognize a runner, fighter or proxy. All I hear spouting from their lips are countless ramblings on "I watched pewdiepie play...", "I saw Tobuscus play...", "I watched Nova play..."

It's maddening for me, I may not have been following Slender Man since his initial internet birth in 2008 (I started early 2010), but it's become almost an obsession, from Marblehornets, Everyman Hybrid, Dark Harvest, Just Another Fool, Dreams in Darkness, and more leading up to the creation of the first actual blog of my own.

Maybe I'm just crazy... Maybe I need to shut up and stop rambling... Maybe this is a sign that I really should get out and actually live my LIFE!

I understand that my blog isn't particularly good, but that doesn't mean I haven't poured the best of me into it. Ahh, I'll just see where things go the next couple of weeks, maybe something will happen or I'll miraculously pull this stick out of my arse...

grrr, I ranted... fuck. Well basically, in a nutshell, shit's happening, so the blog will be quiet for a little while longer.

Sorry for taking up your time. Feel free to point and laugh now, I positively adore the abuse.


  1. I've had this happen to me a few times, but there's one thing that I always did. If someone asked me if I played Slender, I said I read the blogs and watched the vlogs that helped inspire it. (Normally Marble Hornets or DiD for me. I'm not sure why but I just consider them good introductions.)

    People only say they watched the LP's because that's all they've seen. If we introduce other parts of the mythos and this little subculture perhaps we can help it grow.

    Oh and for the record, I love your blog. Drop me an email if you want. :)

  2. Holy shit. I never comment OoC-- but I can't resist a chance to chat with you for real!

    Seriously, your blog has always been one of my favorites, and I can't wait to see Annie back up to no good. Don't you dare say it's badly written! =X It's better than my long-winded philosoraptor rants.

    People fucking suck, and what we have to do is wait for the "Slender" fad to die off. The craze will pass-- but until then, I guess authors will have to swallow their pride and put on their best hipster face for a while.

  3. -puts on hipster face-
    I need to be in space for this...

    You have a point though, and it's not just the Slender Man fandom that this has happened to. The Ib fandom went on for about a day over how pewdiepies Danae ruined everything, but it passed, as will this.
    I've actually gotten stuck on what to do next for my blog, so I guess I'll wait until the SlenderShit goes away.

  4. *put on an even bigger hipster face*

    This is why the authors over at the Fear mythos are glad we have little publicity.

  5. I suppose I naively thought that maybe the game would've created some more blogs. Heh, looks like I was wrong with that. Guess we got to grin and bear it.
    Also I'm really diggin' your blog as well, keep up the good work.