And Now For Something Completely Different.

I'm not dead.

Though I really should be.

I'm writing this up from I have no fucking clue where.

The signs are all squiggly lines and everywhere is covered in neon lights.

I have just woken up with what I;m sure is the WORST headache I have ever had the misfortune to know.

Not to mention the fact that after waking up I've already been beaten once and 'propositioned' for a good time.

......I like the desperation of this place....



Let's see....

The Construct is gone.

I've basically been estranged from my 'family'.

The Artifact is dead.

And in his place has risen some fucker going by the Monument.

To what I don't know.

He put my head through a wall before I could make that smartass remark.

'Father'...... fears me?


Long post.

The Construct was breathing. And I was fucking excited. I was actually doing something. 'Father' had taken to shadowing me and my movements.

Now the Artifact was bound and gagged in the basement. Right next to the Construct. I dunno I just felt like they deserved to be together.

Little did I know what I was.

I was standing before the Construct. Held within my hand was the half empty vial of Nathan's blood.

And I poured it upon the Construct.

The Artifact..... and me.... were immediately on the floor. This screeching... this hideous roar was ripping apart my brain. I was screaming at the top of my lungs but I couldn't even hear myself.

'Father' walked passed me.

Like nothing was wrong... He placed his hand upon the Construct... The light was blinding...

His face began to rip open...

But the Artifact... he tackled Him.

I could hear the crunch as 'father's' knee went into one of the Construct's jagged corners.

The earsplitting sounds ceased.

And so begins a fragmented nightmare.

I felt my skin burning. like I was on fire.

'Father' and the Artifact were ripping each other apart.

I was.... I was scared.

And I crawled under the Construct. Curling into a ball.

I started to cry.

Shut up....

Then something happened.

The Artifact was slammed into the Construct. and it just split in two.

Crushing me.

I felt like I had only blinked my eyes. And I was in a room that felt endless. Too bright I had to squint my eyes.

I swear I saw my dad. Smiling. Gesturing for me to come to him.

All this time... I thought he was dead...

I started after him at a dead sprint. A knife already in my hand. Each straining step throwing me closer and closer to his smirking face.

And as I reached those laast few steps, my voice, almost inhuman, roared, "WHY WON'T YOU JUST DIE!?!?" And I throw myself at him, gripping my knife with both hands and thrusting my entire body into shoving that blade as far as it could go into his eye.

A spurt of blood.

And the sound of something I don't ever want to hear again.

The world around me shattered. I fall to the ground with my dad beneath me. Only it wasn't my dad.

It was my 'father'.

I screamed and fell off of Him.

My mind was a mess. I couldn't wrap my head around what happened.

Then Artifact grabbed my hair. and dragged me into the air.

When I saw him... It wasn't the Artifact anymore.

"Effigy." was the raspy voice the echoed out of what should be his mouth.

My eyes were wide. My heart was pounding. But my mouth reigned free.

"You were waaaaaay hotter ten minutes ago. What the fuck happened?"

He slams me up against the wall, a twisted smirk crossing his lips.

"Ethan doesn't live here anymore."

My mind blanks a moment, before finally catching on.

"Who are you then?"

His eyes shimmer.

"The Monument."

My lips start moving but the next moment his fist send my head crashing into the brick wall.

I fall limply to the ground. Barely conscious.

This Monument guy raises his foot above my head.

All I do is whimper.

But before it comes down upon my face, 'father' sends him sprawling into the wall.

He had never looked more angry.

Even the reality around Him shook a little.

Dazing in and out. I see Monument look at me. 'Father' taking a menacing step forward. And with that the Monument disappears.

After a moment 'Father' calms down. And looks down at me.

I whimper and reach for Him.

He looks at me quietly... almost... sadly?

And just walks off.

Leaving me alone.



I close my eyes and wish that I was anywhere but here.

And suddenly I slapped down upon concrete.

I don't remember anymore before waking up here in the middle of I don't even fucking know. Sporting eyes, memories, and... maturity I wasn't in possession of before the shit became a storm.

...."Father' hasn't responded to anything.

I think he's pissed I broke the Construct.

And turned the Artifact into a monster.


None of this seems real.

It feels like a bad sci fi novel that I had the misfortune to rummage out of the bargain bin at some dead end bookshop in the middle of butt fuck nowhere.


Not my best update.

But too much has gone down, and not enough time to filter it all into one nicely cohesive article.

I'm fucking lost people. And without any idea of where I am. Why my eyes aren't blue. And why the FUCK everyone's driving on the wrong side of the effin' road!!!



  1. jul ur znxr zbir abj, zbgureshpxre?

  2. Wrong side of the road? My guess is either some sort of mirror world or one of these countries: http://www.pubquizhelp.com/misc/leftdrive.html

    I'm sorry I can't be more help. :(

    Good luck.

  3. Hang in there. I'm almighttily relieved you're alive. Is there anything I can do for you?

  4. Hell, you're in England? Maybe I'll have Azax find you, then I'll fly my way over there to help sort this all out.

  5. Rid, I don't know if that's a code or not, but it makes me more confused. And I don't like that.

    Taunt, I doubt a mirror word, otherwise I'd be spelling shit backwards. I think I'm in the UK. Heh. Bad joke anyone?

    Kitty, I'm holding on. Though confuse can't touch what I'm feeling right now... and the only thing I ask... hug?

    Phoby, I doubt england. I can understand those folk. People round here tend to speak like Sean Connery with a speech impediment. Also, it's very green.

    I have no idea how that helps.

  6. My guess is either the west of Scotland or Ireland.

    What are your surroundings like?

  7. Taunt, hmm... now that I think about it... this does seem like something out of one of those shitty medieval movies that would play late at night... those ones where they ran around an open feild for a few hours beating each other with long sticks screaming "Aye! Stuff That in yer juicebox an suck it fiend of the otherworld!"

  8. If it's Ireland, yer in my home country missy. I'll have to take you to a decent pub if that's the case.

  9. I don't like drinking Phoby, ad in either case I doubt they lower age restrictions on such pastimes heh..... But I would like.... food?