A..........Plea...... for something called...... help.

Sigh..... okay...

'Monument' found me today.

Don't ask me what happened I can't remember anything.

He sort of stuck some needle thing in my eye and all was black after that.


Apparently I'm a fragment of something.

He rambles to much....

Oh how I'd like to sew those lips shut and remind him just WHO I am...

Ego aside though, I'm running now.

I'm officially.......


I'm officially pleading for......



I NEED to get back to Michigan.

I NEED to find 'Father'.

Everything is just so confusing right now.....

I hate it.

I prefer to have a handle on any anointed situation.

Even if I'm getting my arse kicked, as long as I'm in the know I'm fine.

Blah, I'm getting dizzy.

I'm going to find a nice place to fall asleep for a while.....


  1. Exactly where are you, Anarchitect? I'll help you the best I can.

  2. Do you need a pick up? Where are you? Even if I can't pick you up I could maybe give you directions to the nearest airport.

    Or would you rather I sent you an email?

  3. I'd help if I could.... I have no clue how to get to Michigan though.... but then again.... Google... If you're close by i'm sure Phobos can come get you... or maybe one of my lackeys i mean knights Nix rented to me.
    I love you guys! Yes I'll post about you soon...

  4. Oh yeah.... The location thing.... I really should figure out where I am... Somewhere within the vicinity of Beetlejuice? Nay? Fuck I don't freakin know.... Who wants to come scouring the UK in an attempt to find a retard?

    Bleh, I really need to get better at asking for things that don't involve gratuitous violence or death...

  5. If you don't feel like asking someone you could always find a main road and walk to the end of the town/village. Though that would be quite a task if you're in Ayr. Though from what you said about running about in a field it doesn't sound like you're in Ayr. And now I'm just rambling.

    My offer still stands, but I'm going to be without internet from around 4 o'clock in the afternoon tomorrow and I won't get back until at least Sunday night.

    Good luck.

  6. How are you, little one? If you truly need the help I may see about arranging...something.

  7. Such blatant disregard for security. Announce your location little freak. I'm sure 'friends' and 'family' alike will enjoy coming to 'rescue' you.

    God the ineptitude of these people...