Her name was Elliot.

Surname, Parker.

Known to have been an outgoing, courageous, adorable little girl.

Parents were loving. Caring. Protective.

She had everything going for her.

That was, until a certain somebody entered her home.

A flashback.

A nightmare?

She thought she knew it all.

But little did she know that roots go deeper than that.

Little did she know that her father was a fighter.

A fighter who fell.

Became tainted after forcefully ingesting a clump of black leaves.


Hahaha you're going to love this.

The Construct had it's wretched claws in her life since before she was even created.

The assimilation of Ethan only ripped apart the foundation The Slender Man had so painstakingly laid.

This 'Anarchitect', is nothing but a piece of a much much MUCH bigger picture.

The Monument.

And it's scaring Him.

And soon little Elliot is going to have more than her fair share of beasties pushing and shoving to have her blood on their hands.

Such is the fate of something so powerful.

But don't fret, the Monument is here.

She'll take her proper place before long.

Til then my friends,

Let's watch her drown.



  1. .....god fucking damnit, I wish I had the balls to kill you.

  2. I agree with Lucia. Major agreeing here!

  3. ... another one gone rouge?
    Oh. Oh dear.
    With pleasure then, Monument.