Hope I'm (Not) Intruding...

Freedom from that wretched attic.

From being all alone. And being oh so cold...

Mwahahaha I've been set free. Those damned chains 'father' kept me tied down with until I was 'ready'.


I'm moving! All over! Up, down, all around haha!

I've been set loose upon this world, to raze the land beneath my feet, to rot away the festering ties of poisoned authority with each step I take.

Like a plague of roaches.

But with a pretty face.

Or should I say wretched as well?

Either way, I'm free.

Skipping down your street perhaps?

I haven't mentioned The Construct lately have I?


Better? heheheh.

I've already got a destination.

In a hospital no less...

In hindsight he is one of the few I actually wanted to meet, not butcher...

Also the fact that he has arms that... from the looks of the pictures and description...

Might cut me in half with one flick of the wrist.


And now that the cashier keeps eyeballing me in this DECREPIT McDonalds, probably because I look like an abused runaway, when in fact those bruises are.... self-inflicted....

With that I must keep moving.

With these words of anarchy spilling heatedly from my lips.

I feel like cutting something open...


  1. You sound like some sort of fangirl and kind of remind me of Nee-chan. Make of that what you will.

    -Don't Shoot The Messenger-

  2. Listen. If all you want is blood, I won't put up a fight. Hell, I'll make tea and we can talk about our weapons of choice while you draw it. I've said it before...I want no trouble-- pardon the recurring pun, but catfights get ugly. You're not my enemy and you've even given me advice. Let's not try to murder each other.

    All things considered, with all the bleeding Nate's been doing lately, there's probably better pickings outside of him than in his veins. Just saying.

  3. Hope you can visit soon Anarchitect, I'm looking forward to it.

  4. Messi. I find that to be very offensive. Why the fuck do people have to constantly look for similarities and compare me to other people?!?!? I'm my own self. And fangirl my fucking arse.

    And Kitty, I'm not looking for a fight either. From anyone. Just blood. Maybe some giggles. It's pretty anti-progressive if I kill everyone I'm collecting from.

    Also, have you seen what they fucking did to him? If I have any chance of actually collecting from him I need to do it before he can give chase.

  5. Come at me, bro. If you can find me, anyway.

  6. Blightey, Something tells me acquiring blood from you is going to be very....... interesting.

    I'm thinking simply using your head for a brutal bout of Whack-a-mole isn't going to be enough...

  7. Heh. You're welcome to try. I have to warn you, though, things might not go as you expect.

  8. Mmm, despite the tempting theraputic effects killing everyone has, I've got to agree. It is counter-productive. So hey, just name your date and time. We'll do this the civilized way, ha. You can even hit me up an email for simplicity's sake at Lucianna06@AOL.com.

    But not all of your "potentials" are pissed off schizophrenics who don't give a fuck where their blood is. At least this endeavor can be painless, though.

  9. Blightey, my plan with you is to NOT have a plan at all. I'm expecting to either get ripped apart and shat on, or acquire the bare minimum of blood and escape without my dignity.

    ....So yeah I can't wait. heh.

    And Kitty, So we can make it a dinner date with needles and veins... And oh I do believe I may be blushing, is that a way to contact you? Oh you spoil me.

    Really, you spoil me. I was hoping to sneak into your room while your out and set a beartrap in your bed. Bucket of water above your door. Heh.

    Also, in fact every single one of my 'potentials' are insane schizo's. May not show it, may not care to admit it. But after seeing a tall, suited, faceless fucker with a penchant for mental degradation and carnal tree decorations, Who says we ALL aren't insane? heheheh.

  10. Nah. I don't care about you enough to waste my time shitting on you. I'll save that for more deserving people. As for my blood, you're welcome to it. It won't do you any good, though. The stuff was toxic even BEFORE I became what I am now. If you're thinking of injecting yourself, all you'll get is an agonizingly slow and torturous death.

  11. I'm not schizo due to the faceless fuck-- always have been, always will be. It's in my biology, not so much my psychology.

    Have fun messing with other people's heads, 'cause like I said, you're not real likely to incite me to riot. I've got all my hate focused in a different direction.

    Oh, we're all bloody fucking maniacs. Some of us are just more chill with our issues than others.

  12. Blightey, Injecting myself with your sad excuse for blood would be the very last thing I would EVER want to do.

    But the more potent the collection the more vital it is that I acquire it...

    And Kitty, Inciting riots does nothing but give people the chance to voice opinions that will be quickly distorted by those in power.

    And the fact that you were insane BEFORE 'father' decided to make a grand entrance through stage left only makes me more curious about you.

    But I... admit.... you have a point.

  13. I'd rather be in alliance with my inner demons than fighting against them, truth be told.

    Some of us were born insane. Things like the Slender Man are so much more believable when you can't trust your own eyes to begin with.

  14. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wtSk8hqTjmo

    Hermano, que es un caballo loco hijo de puta. Disparar, este negro mudo aquí no parecen saber nada! Yo digo que lo golpearon sin piedad con pollos de goma.

    Estancia helada, mis negros.

  15. Kitty, I prefer to tie my demons up and lock em in my sock drawer until the moment comes that I NEED to actually come to terms with them.

    And everyone's born with a tad of insanity in them to begin with, in today's world, You've got to be fucking batty to pop out a child and help fuel the fires.

    And Ridley. Dammit I could not even make heads or tales of that comment. I'm stupid. I can't understand spanish, and I am NOT a fan of the Reefer Man.

    Congratulations, you've reminded me how young I am again. Now revel in your triumph as I go drown a toddler.

  16. For the record, feel free to take as much blood as you like.