Minor Improvements Considered

Raised the roster by a mere twelve freaks today.

This setback unfortunately came to light due to a rather annoying human need to actually 'sleep'.

Apparently eight days without sleep does that to a person...


I've brought up my rather impressive list to ninety- three!

Seven more and I reach triple digits!

Hahahaha this endeavor is proving so godforsakenly easy that I can't even see why 'father' wanted someone else to do this!


Personal matters still remain generally low.

Be it my intentional anti-social behavior, incessant taunting, or tendency to swear like fucking crazy, the spreading of verbal, mental, physical corruption has hit a wall.

Apparently putting myself out there and spreading the concept of the Construct isn't enough.

I'm going to have to improvise...

Fortunately, imagination is one thing I don't find lacking.


  1. Have you tried beer?

    Beer is the great equalizer.

  2. IMPROVISE!!! Use that imagination. It's the best inspiration. ;)

  3. @The Mad Ventriloquist, Beer and basically alcohol in general is something I prefer not to become entangled with.

    And @Gallows, you've read my fucking mind.... haha