Check. And, Mate.

The deck's been cut.

The game is set.

The cards have been dealt.

My bet's been placed.

I've seen my hand.

I know my odds.

It's time to get things started.

I raise you, one needle and a mindfuck.

Your turn.


  1. Cards? My dear Anarchitect, I love cards.

    Care for a game if we ever meet?

    I'll raise you also. Look at that, my dear Ace of Spaces, and the 2 of spades.

    This shall be interesting indeed....

  2. Posting to let you know that I'm alive after all. Your suggestion did wonders for me through last night.

    I see your needle, and raise you one beautiful switchblade. How's your hand looking?

  3. @Maury, I see the play on words you did there...

    @Tor, I would love a game, and I'll enjoy seeing how high the stakes will be raised.

    And @Kitty, I'm glad to see something I said helped someone. Heh usually the things I say get people killed.

    And all in all, thank god I have three aces hidden up my sleeves haha.