Boring Weekend Extravaganza!

'Father' has me waiting and refining my research before I am officially allowed to start stabbing veins and beating schoolkids.

On one hand it gives me a chance to add a few more people to my already, dare I say, impressive list of potentials.

A few of them are simply because I actually would really enjoy getting to see them in person, steal their blood and raid their fridges.

Haha but on the other fucking hand.

I have been left all alone with nothing to do but to remain hidden within this dingy, cold attic with but a pile of wormy blankets, a pillow, and a holey sweater to keep me warm.

A rigged laptop my only source of entertainment.

While I do enjoy harassing people I actually have a fondness for on the internet.

It does tend to irk me when every single one of them fails to be online!!!!

I would go about annoying 'father' with another 'blank face' joke, but he seems to be rather pissed off today.

Heheheheh He must be going through His period.


I'm itching to jab some needles into peoples spines. Oooooh do I love that certain POP! sound it makes when it finally stabs through the cartilage. 

I admit I've always had an annoying dislike for being alone. Yet that's the predicament I always find myself in.

I need to acquire a life.

Perhaps with kids my age.

We can spend time together watching movies, playing videogames, then I can introduce them to their spleens!

Ahhh, I think I'd be a great friend.

I guess I'll go back to surfing through painful memories on the internet, maybe spiral into a small depression and see what it feels like to break a needle off in an artery.

One of the many perks of being a ragdoll in 'father's' grip.

Aaaaaaand remember kids, Keep spreading the chaos, let all anarchy loose like Hell!

If you do I'll be your best frieeeeeeend...


  1. How old are you? I'll be 18 in a little over a week. When I'm really bored, I liked to read cracked.com. :) I'm really curious about your experiment.

  2. So sorry, I might have been the one who put him on his period. Tell him to bring more friends next time, we'll have oh so much fun.

  3. You are quiet the interesting person.... just stay away from me and Kakó and we should be peachy. :3

  4. @Tigger, My age is of no importance. Plus I enjoy making people try and guess. but a hint, you're older.

    @Nate, I read your post, it made me smile haha. You seem to be quite the leading type.

    @Tor, I do so love it when people tell me to stay away... Makes me want to see your faces when I completely disregard your wishes and appear in your doorway with a syringe in one hand while my eyes shimmer maliciously in the moonlight...

  5. Well, you did mention wanting friends near your own age, and I'd bet I'm not *that* much older than you. :P

    And you can call me Ty, if you like. Do you like to be called An? Anie? It's a shame to be so isolated like you are, though I'm sure it's better than having a love-sick shadow like me. I think we have a lot in common though.

  6. Well Ty, I do so despise it when people tend to think that we have 'alot in common'. I'm not looking for those of the same stripe. And just because I sometimes and consumed by loneliness. It is the hand I was dealt with, and it's that hand I will continue to spite.

    I see you are attempting to make allies of me.

    In a sense I find that a good idea.

    But I only want your blood. Nothing else.

    It's the only way I know how to exist.

  7. Silly An, we're already in the same Family, and I know what it's like being the odd duckling out, which is why I reached out to you. Bet you haven't even looked at my blog :( If you don't want to be friends, that's fine. You're not the first to be put off by my "perky" personality. I just figured we could exchange "trade secrets."

    As for blood, if Father wants some, he can surely take it whenever he feels like it.

  8. Ah that mental image isn't enough nightmare fuel for the next couplea days, not at all....
    So my blood would be ALL you need? No servitude or anything? Cause if that's really all you need it for then, have fun finding a spot on my wrist that isn't covered in scars to draw from.

  9. @Ty, indeed we are in the same 'family', but I have already made it perfectly clear to 'father' that I do NOT play well with others.

    I have the scars to prove it.

    Also, this is MY project. I am the one building The Construct. I am the one in full control. Last thing I'm going to do is ask Him to help me.

    And Tor, surprising how simple my demand is isn't it? haha. Unlike most other family freaks, my plan is alot less... painful.

    For now at least haha.

    And don't worry, The cool thing about the body is EVERYTHING bleeds.

    I can have ALOT of fun with you...

  10. A, I'm not really a fan of cutting anymore. But, honestly, if all you need is a vial of my blood and you won't bother me (Well, outside of the internet) Then, yeah, go for it.
    I have no clue what my blood type even IS but I'm pretty sure it doesn't matter huh? XD

  11. @Tor, you got it right, It's not about WHAT the blood is, it's about WHERE it has come from. haha and who knows, if I think you're enough fun to fuck with, who says I won't stick around...