So there was this girl. Right?

She was.... about yea high, dorky smile, mop of dirty blonde hair.

She might have been.... innocent? at the time.

Six years old right?

Behemoth of a father.

Angel of a mother.

A cliche portrait of the american family.

Now behind the picture... festered... countless sins, addictions, demons.

The father, looking as big an innocent as a scruffy teddy bear, hid an addiction to heroin. A pretty disease.

He usually kept it hidden and under control right?

But sometimes, he would have a bit too much.

Get all shaky.

Wife won't even look at him.

Yet he'd have this itch...

A burning itch that bubbled and seethed and screamed to be itched.

He usually would hide in the garage and moan and eventually wait it out.

But somehow his twisted mind came upon another option.

That cute little six-year old girl.

Mother had long since fallen asleep.

And he tip-toed into her room.

Closing the door eeever so quietly.

It really hurt that first time.

She never could stop crying.

Bursting through those loving seams arose a grizzly.

Never was he gentle.

I think he was letting out his anger at his wife too.

It was almost... a weekly event?

The little girl was growing quite numb.

He enjoyed her crying though.

Soon he resorted to beating her until she'd cry for him.

Was that how he got hard?

I'm guessing so.

He used to leave in disgrace.

But somehow, as the weeks grew into months, it slowly changed into a smile.

He seemed to find.... enjoyment?


  1. Is he still alive? Because if he is, he's going to suffer before I kill him.

  2. ^^like

    That is NOTHING that anyone should have to go through. It's just... sick and wrong. Ugh. I'd offer my condolences but I doubt you'd accept them...

  3. Ho ho ho~ THAT ITCH.
    Ya kill him? Did ya kill him? DID YOU KILL HIM?
    I gotta know.

  4. Somebody has issues, no?

    And why you no like Cab dawg, he is one frosty nigga, bro. Hoo hoo hoo.