Television Doesn't Rot The Brain, The Subliminal Messaging Does.

I've been... pretty upset the last few days I admit.

Nate... the Artifact.... 'father'.... My stomach...

I admit it was all getting to be a tad bit too much for me to handle all at once.

So I hid myself away in the basement with the Construct. Moping... Crying... kicking the damned thing and shouting at it to work... eventually sitting next to it and trading life stories....

You know, girl stuff.

Anyway, about Thirty-Two hours into my idiotic tantrum, I was telling the Construct about.... personal things...

When I somehow found myself meeting the wall rather intimately.

My head felt cold stone hit it with a nice, solid, crack!

I found myself reeling.

Then found myself on my belly.

A strong knee pressing into my spine.

It hurt.

Now I admit the only things being said in that brief scuffle was every word that could somehow incorporate 'fuck' in to it.

Which surprisingly enough was ALOT.

"Oh you have quite the heated tongue now don't you hun?"

I shut the fuck up at that.

I recognized that voice.

I felt him sit atop me.

He was warm...

"Well now that I have your attention... care to tell me why you haven't called?" He teases and I start to squirm.

The only thought within my mind were huge fluorescent words that lit up the forefront of my mind.


For some reason I just could not put those words into my mouth.

He leans over and bites my ear.

And I squeak.

Yes I fucking squeak.

I squeaked and I blushed and I tried my damned best to curl into a ball.

Anything so he'd stop making me feel so pleasantly helpless and let me get the upper hand again.

Unfortunately he was strong.

Very strong.

My thrashing limbs beat upon him like mere twigs.

Damn I'm weak....

I could feel my voice inching back from wherever the fuck it went.

"Get off me and let me kill you!!!!" I scream and he just smirks.

Fucker just smirks!

"You are so cute when you're helpless." He laughs then rolls me over in one swift movement so we are face to face.

I do not know why but my eyes first went to his lips. I admit I wanted. and I mean REALLY wanted what came next.

He kissed me.

Dunno why.

Don't really care.

He kissed me.

I could feel my cheeks burning a bright red.

But I didn't mind.

I fell in love with his kiss.

Suddenly a strange shock pricked our lips.

Like when you rub your feet in the carpet then touch someone.

It changed him.

His eyes grew a tad darker. His voice deepened. And all pleasantries faded away.

"Tell me what the fuck I want to know before I cut each little tooth out of that pretty little fuckhole you have."

I admit that kinda turned me on. I could feel the tension building all around me.

"I'll tell you everything you want to goddamn know once I am done using your big head to unlock my Construct..." I growl back and he leans in closer.

"Who the fuck is the Slenderman?" he seethes and I stare back at him with my hideously deep blue eyes.

"My dick. I also have a pair of boobs I call Blow and Me."

He slaps me hard across the face.

I feel myself moan a little.

"TELL ME." he roars and I feel myself smirk.

"Ask Him yourself." I giggle and on cue 'father' thrusts a tentacle through his arm and propels him in to the back wall.

Perks of being a proxy I guess.

You know when He comes round.

The Artifact screams out in pain as his shoulder starts to bloody.

His warm crimson blood dripping from 'father's' arm...

I crawl to my feet, feeling a tad worse for wear, then look up at Him.

He cocks His head to the side.

I nod.

He looks back at the Artifact, and then a few more tentacles wrap around his limbs and lift him high into the air, before bringing him down upon the Construct.

The sound it made was deafening.

So much so that even 'father' dropped everything and just vanished.

Blood trailed lightly down my ears.

My head was ringing.

But still.

I step over the Artifact's unconscious form and stop before the Construct.

It was moving...

I felt myself smile.

Then fall forward and drape myself amongst the Construct.

I swear I could hear it's heart beating...


  1. ...I'd like to meet you in person. Perhaps have some tea, maybe cut me open a bit?

    I'll get the pizza stuff ready :3

    And go ahead and take my blood too if you still need it.

  3. What became of the Artifact? Are you alright?

  4. Phoby, I'm going to have to examine you first, to make sure the Construct will accept you.

    ...probably with the Nate thingy going on you misght be a tad complicated.

    Tor, a party sounds a tad... much... I don't do well in crowds really... maybe just a simple meet and cut?

    Kitty, The Artifact's locked up tight in the basement, right next to the Construct. And I'm fine, just a tad winded, the euphoric excitement of having the Construct up and running is doing wonders for my concussion haha.