Plot Twists.

...So the girl grew accustomed to the constant terror she had been thrust into.

Day after day.

Night after horrific night.

Not a single soul to look to for guidance.

for safety.

for love.

She was slowly hollowing out. all on her own.

Emotions rotting away. Her innocent beauty twisting into something obscure.

She was dying.

She hated herself. But never for the cliche reasons that one would have expected.

She had started finding herself imagining things.

Dark... terrible... nightmarish things.

Things that she wanted to do to her father... to make him feel exactly how she felt every time he forced himself upon her.

The sins she wanted to commit upon the mother that was supposed to protect her.

She started to hurt herself.

As punishment.

She felt herself changing. Into something she never wanted to be.

It only forced her ever farther down the path of self destruction.

To the door that would eventually open up upon her death.

Whenever she looked towards the future, she only ever saw black with a spatter of blood.

She was simply waiting for death to finally come take her.

That is...

Until He came along...


  1. ... I know, he saved me from my parents as well... Sometimes I wonder why I left him in the first place. But then I realize, even though he's saved many, he's hurt more. I don't hate you. Hell, I like you. But I don't like "Father" one bit.

  2. Also, I stole your remote. MUHAHAHAHA!

    I'm so evil >:3

  3. I kinda know how you feel, self harm, it's.... well you know how it is.

    And Butterfly Man: You're a douche. Now you're gonna slenderwalk by her house and change the channels when she least expects it! :O

  4. Nathan, He may have saved her, but that doesn't mean she doesn't hate him for it.

    And it was just a stupid tag, I like saying random things with those haha. I'm actually nowhere near a television right now, but... if I ever am don't you dare change it the disney channel...

    I'm fine with the Price is Right...

  5. Browsing random and stupid tags...
    "What the fuck is a big mac?" That one made me giggle.

    You are most certainly the most awesome person I've ever met (no offence Tori).

  6. Nah, I know that I'm the OTHER most awesome person you've ever met so it's all good. XD

    Note to self: Stupid and random tags = epicness.

  7. I dunno, my personal favorite Anarchitect tag was "fuck a duck" after she got bitchslapped by her Construct.

    But that's not my point . Anarchitect! Got a day to visit, yet? I thought you'd be way more enthusiastic for some blood and cookies.