Me Making An Arse Of Myself And Other Strange Events


The smell of death and recycled air was making my nose itch.

I felt like I was strolling through a horror movie. With all those long white halls, fluorescent lights, and that feeling of dread lingering upon my bones.

I think I was scared.


I don't know. Maybe because this will be the first potential I'm collecting from.

And from the things I've read about him...

I doubt the word 'hospitalized' meant a thing to him.

So now I'm standing before this big white door.

I could feel eyes on me from all directions.

I wanted to be a smartass and flip em the bird but I doubt that'd get me any closer to acquiring what I came for.

Though it would have done wonders for this behemoth I call my ego.

So instead I raise my fist and knock lightly on the door. Resisting the urge to simply kick the door in and use some witty one-liner like "Hellooooooooo Nurse!" or "I Hope You Brought Your Wallet, Cause The Rent In Hell Get's Paid In Advance!"

Ahem...... Anyways,

"Come in."

I push open the door to reveal my first potential in the hospital bed.

Exactly how I had envisioned him, though he had this smile pasted upon his face.

I watched him for a second...


He chuckles "I expected you to be... older."

My look changes to a glare.

"And I expected you to be taller." I retort (rather weak comeback I know...)

Another long moment follows.

"You going to just stand there?" He smirks.

Am I already screwing up here???? Fuck!

I walk to the bed and quickly look him over.

Now his arms are obviously not going to be a good source of blood right now... And I have to resist the throat...

I glance up at him.

I could swear he was holding back laughter.

I gently slide a syringe and a small switchblade from my jacket pocket.

"This is my favorite part..." Nathan says and I literally blush.


Moving on....

Now I lift up his shirt a tad, revealing his stomach and I then take my blade and slit his side.

I hear a slow intake of breath. And I smile a little as I then take the syringe and collect as much of the blood as I could, tracing the tip of the needle along the edges of the small wound.

After a few silent minutes, and the syringe could take no more, I cap it, and slide it back into my pocket, procuring a band aid from it's depths to take it's place.

I wipe the stray blood from the wound with my shirt then slap the band aid over it, proudly stepping back and surveying my work.

I felt euphoric.

Nathan just raises his eyebrow at what I had done.

His only response,

"Hello Kitty....?"

I smirk, "They accentuate the wound nicely."

He chuckles a little. "You are indeed different."

I smile inside, "Finally somebody notices my differences heh."

He laughs a little but then hits me with a serious curveball question,

"So what is this Construct you are always preaching about?"

My mind blanks and I found my upper lip quivering.

"It's something special. that will change everything." was my vague response.

He frowns a moment then nods.

"I wish you luck in your endeavors then, unless of course they are going to hurt me or the ones I care about, if that's the case I hope you fail miserably."

I smirk.

"Well doesn't that make me all warm and fuzzy inside." I giggle, my confidence returning little by little.

I then turn to leave.

"Heh, so soon?" He says and I stop a moment.

"I got what I came for, what else is there for me to stay for?" I reply, trying my best to keep a serious face.

"Hmm, okay then... goodbye." I nod and walk to the door.

As I reach for the doorknob... I stop and look back at him.

"Umm....... Thank you." I blurt out rather sheepishly and he smiles once more.

"No problem, just ask if you ever want more, I've always got some to spare." He chuckles and I then take my leave.

After I heard the door click shut, I finally did what I did NOT want him to see.

I fucking smiled.

Like.... REALLY smiled.

Like I haven't done in a very long time.

I've made progress, of course I made a total ass of myself, but I MADE PROGRESS!!!

I felt like I was on top of the world at that moment, odd seeing as it was just the first step and I had a million more ahead of me.

But I was proud.

I gently slid my hand into my pocket and felt the syringe that contained that oh so glorious blood.

And so I start to leave the hospital.

Oddly... as I started walking a hooded someone passed by me.

A normal occurrence...

But what wasn't normal was that........ I swear....

I saw my mother's face looking at me from under that hood.


She's dead...


  1. I knew you were going to smile... Too bad I didn't set up a camera outside the room. I hope to see you again soon.

  2. He has that effect on people, it would seem.

    The Hello Kitty band-aids are a nice touch.

  3. The dead hold more tricks than that of the living.

  4. Nathan, if there is one thing I would prefer to NEVER happen. Is for ANYONE to EVER see me 'smile'...

    Kitty, I thought that those band aids would be adding insult to injury, but instead it only made me look like a fool...

    And Creevey, that is indeed true. Though I would have preferred not being reminded of... better times...