Damn I Could Go For Some Nachos Right Now.

I can practically feel my stomach digesting itself heheh.

Due to my inane stubbornness and intense anti-social behavior. (Maybe a little frightened and shy...) I've kept my sights set upon finding this seemingly nonexistent artifact and slowly killing myself rather than approach what could possibly be... friends?


Weakness got me into this mess in the first place...

So yeah.

Apparently it's the first sign of the apocalypse folks, let's cue the applause.

What I shall now label, THE GREAT SLENDER ALLIANCE! has begun some sort of crusade to destroy something MORE evil than 'father'...

Might explain some things. heh.

Though I wonder if 'father's' feeling a bit sore about the whole thing?

I mean come on, how long has His name sent chills up our spines? How long have we been scared to look out the window because of Him?

Now some other monster is stealing his thunder?

Hell even I'D be pissed.

Apparently this ultimate (for the moment) evil goes by /It/.

And no folks it's not Pennywise we're dealing with here.   


Part of me wants to fantasize about maybe this 'alliance' isn't temporary...

....peace at last?

Or maybe whilst all this peace mongering is going on, 'father' is slowly putting into motion a grand scheme to cripple everyone when all their backs are turned.... heheheheh...

Either way, everything is not always what it seems. And I doubt these 'Fears' truly understand exactly what a true fear is.

I admit I hate seeing the deceitful veils we so painstakingly create are removed and we have to see the true faces... and they just don't deliver us the evil we so crave.

Hahaha I swear to god I'm not just kicking a hornet's nest, I'm setting it on fire...

Eh whatever. I don't feel good, my head's starting to hurt, and damn I crave some blood spillage.

Better keep moving.


  1. Sorry to disappoint, but "Father" tried to have me executed. We're in a full scale war now. You, however, have no reason to worry, I've forbidden my soldiers from harming you.

  2. Grand alliances. Who needs 'em?

    Your boss is not the type to take mortal shit like that which was being slung. Heh, trust me. From what I've met of him, he's a dowright smartass. A'int no one stealing his thunder...and living.

  3. Heh... so 'father' did turn around and shattered what looked like such a promising 'peace'.


    And kitty, 'father' is smart. Like... REALLY smart... We can all be lucky enough to maybe spot a few moves ahead. He... He can see the whole goddamn chessboard...

    I doubt anything that happens He hasn't already taken into consideration and thoroughly plotted out a response.

  4. You are gonna LOVE my new mutation when you see it. Black veins and hair, red eyes, grey skin, razor sharp teeth, I'm the stereotypical demon.