Artifacts, Lips, Snow and Bile. All the things that make life worthwhile.

As I write this, I'm sitting here in my attic, covered in scrapes and bruises. And my mouth is sewn shut.

My clothes tattered, maybe 'rags' are a better term for them now.

I'm fucking freezing.

My lips hurt.

I should be in a rage right now. I really. REALLY should. But... I can't get passed this horrific calm.


I found it.

The artifact.

Unfortunately... He found me too.

Still not making sense?

I've been the artifact's plaything for the last couple days.

He's insane....

like me.

I found him. I fucking found him. And shit I was ready to collect him and take him home be it in one piece or many.

He was waiting for me.

Said he could smell the ashes of the Construct on me.

I... 'invited' him to come back and see it.

He put a knife through my hand.

I liked that feeling.


I think he noticed that shimmer I get in my eyes when I get excited.

Cause he started at me again.

But I was ready.

Perks of being obsessed with knives.

I have at least two dozen on my person at any time.

More if I'm going to sleep.

Something about the cold feel of metal pressing gainst my warm skin...

I slit a thin line of flesh across his chest.

Oh fuck did he LOVE that.

I doubt that Starbuck's will ever be the same again.

He hurled me through the window.

I curled my hands around the random shards of glass, feeling it's edges rip into my skin.

I think I gasped.

He let me cut him. Over and over.

I loved it.

He enjoyed it more I think...

kind of turned me on...

The fight (Or should I say orgy?) spilled out into the street.

Each time I felt that cold silver slip across my flesh, opening up a new wound, oh god...

He won though...

I liked it too much, let him cut me one too many times...

I blacked out from petty blood loss.

Curse of being young and stupid?


He is almost twice my age.

I think.

He has facial hair.

That has to mean something.

I think I woke up in his arms a while later.

Just for a moment. I fell back into darkness pretty quickly.

When I woke up again. I was laying on a bare bed.


Then again I haven't slept in an actual 'bed' in years.

He was there.


He put a long slender finger to the place where his lips would be, and playfully cocks his head to the side.

I blink and He's gone.

And the door across from me opens.

The Artifact enters.

He had patched up his wounds.

I realized he'd patched mine too.

I felt oddly warm.

He started talking.

Saying he KNOWS why I'm after him. That he KNOWS who I'm 'working' for.

He mentions his pleasure in fighting me.

I think I blushed.

At this point I tried to talk.

But I realized my mouth had been sewn shut.

He smirked.

Told me he wanted to wait until he KNEW if I was 'trustworthy' before he lets himself hear my voice.

Says voices don't fade.

I don't think he knows how important he is to me.

Hmm.... I don't like the way that sentence sounded....

Ahem, I don't think he knows he's the Artifact.


He cut me once more before leaving for good.

He knows how much I like it now...

'Father' walked out of the shadows.

He nodded... if he had a face I KNOW He would be smiling.

One step closer to the Construct's completion.

Just have to catch the fucker.


I'm looking forward to it...


I think I might fancy him.


Why couldn't the Artifact have been a sponge or something?


  1. ....holy fuck. You're going to need your lips unsewn or you'll starve. And then where would we be, without our resident Anarchitect?

  2. I agree with Lucia. My life would be pretty empty without you and Nate poking fun at each other.... And plus, you need to eat. Food is good, you kiiind need ti to survive....

    Just like sleep which I need now.... I stayed up wayyyy too late.... ah hell I always stay up too late.

    I'll try to find a protection spell or luck spell or something helpful for you... Hell maybe a spell to turn the artifact into a Ferret or a sponge? XD (Seriously, If I can I will)

  3. Kitty... yeah I know... I should cut free my lips... but... I kind of like it... Damn stomach though... growling...

    I'm weird I know...

    And Tor, If I could I would love to skip most human needs. All they do is bother me.

    And spells? Heh... sectumsempra...