....So she was face to face with the Slender Man for the very first time.

Lying broken upon her bed.

Naked, cold, alone. The tears leaking from her eyes in streams.

He just stood there with that strange tilt to His head.

Her breath was ragged.


Strangely, as he stands on the other side of the room, He still manages to reach out a long, slender hand with ease and gently touch the girl's cheek.

Immediately she felt a wave of sickness bubble within her stomach.

But also... something else, hidden just beneath the surface.

She KNEW she was about to die. She KNEW that this wasn't normal.

But she didn't care.

She managed a smile.

And took the being's hand.

Helping her up, He urged her towards the door. Careful to always hold her hand.


She opens the door and wanders out, waiting a moment as her demonic companion unnaturally flowed through the door with a strange liquid motion.

Down the hall they went.

The girl was curious. Wondering if He was an angel, here to lead her into eternity.

It would explain the feeling of dread that was slowly eating upon the edges of her mind.

They come upon the door of her parents room.

She looks up at Him. Scared.

He reaches out one of His hands, and rips off a finger.

As He hands it to her, He had already manifested a new one.

And the finger He had handed to her had somehow conformed into that of an almost alien looking blade.

It felt warm to the touch, the deadly looking edge promising an easy, painful cut.

It felt natural within her grasp.

She looks back up at the angel.

He nods and opens the door for her.

Gently pushing her inside.

Her parents lay unconscious upon their bed. Teddy bear father still naked from earlier... damned mother wrapped within his arms. A smile upon her face...

The girl's grip tightened around the knife.

Yet with the fierce determination and heat of vengeance staining red her mind, she found herself surprised just how naturally she found herself creeping up to the bed.

Their breathing a torrential pain within her ears.

How she longed to make that decrepit sound stop.

She stopped just in front of her mother.

The girl's face inhuman.

Something wrong had changed it.

No longer did that scared, broken little daughter reside within anymore.

She'd been replaced.

By revenge.

The blade cut through the air with ease, a gentle swipe and her mother's eyes were bulging as her throat splits open and blood starts gushing out in rivers.

The gurgling awoke the father.

His eyes widened at the sight of his sex toy ripping open his darling dear.

With a squeak he falls out of bed.

The girl's ears perked up, and like the quickly flowing blood she was standing before her father. the blade dripping the essence of what was her mother.

The man she was forced to call her father was whimpering before her.

She smiled.

"But daddy, don't you love me?"

She crawls upon her father.

A tiny hand gently gripping his precious...

He moaned.

The blade came down.

He screamed.

She looked at him with a rage that no child should ever have possessed.

And she shoved that blade deep into his open mouth.

Feeling it slip through flesh. brain. then a pop as it went through bone and pinned the man's head to the wall behind him.

His eyes were bloodshot.

Tongue lolling.

Bleeding profusely from both heads.

The girl found herself crying.


Tears falling down in streams.

She rips the blade out and brings it down again.

and again.

again. again. again. again. AGAIN. AGAIN. AGAIN!


As she brings the knife above her head once more, the blood and tears and sweat all mixed into one upon her face, dripping down her cold, shivering, flesh.

His hand gently stopped her.

Taking the knife from her and setting it aside.

The girl looks up at the Slender Man with dull eyes.

He looks down upon that broken creature.

Slides down to his knees, and pulls her into His arms, her small frame contrasting against His.

He let her sob and curl up into His chest.

Blood smearing His suit.

For hours it went on.

Her parents bodies finally growing cold.

The blood finally stopping.

As the first rays of sunlight started to peer in through the windows.

He stood up.

Her form in His arms.

And as He turned and left the room.

She fell asleep.

Finally feeling safe...


  1. You're a ██████ idiot, letting H█m fool you ████ that.
    To th██k that some of ██ never had the choi███

  2. Awww, isn't that sweet.

    Frankly though, I'm just not impressed. Too much blood. Never much cared for the sight of all that blood. It's just plain uncivilized.


  3. If I could, I would hug you. Or at least try.

    Would you let me hug you if I could?

  4. ....yeah. I know how that feels. Better to kill than to feel pain, huh?

    I don't blame you at all for making the choices you did, Anarchitect. Just...you're not alone, okay?

  5. Hell, I don't care if I get gutted alive for it. But you're getting hugged. Then you can have some of my blood.