Here, Then There, Then Everywhere.

It seems that everything is conspiring against me.

Or maybe I'm just extremely paranoid.

I realize something, and with that realization, comes about a dozen questions.

And each time I find the answer to one of them, the fragment seem to multiply.

Like a hydra?

I don't fucking know.

'Father' has sent me on a godforsaken goose chase.

I think I found what I'm looking for, and instead I find some grand plot twist and must head to where it SHOULD be next.

I haven't slept or eaten in the last few days.


hmm... no.

My body'es screaming for a break, but my stubbornness is refusing to let up.

I might just run myself into the grave hahaha.

I swear to god if I don't get a hold of this 'artifact' soon I'm going to set fire to an orphanage...


  1. Here's a deal for you, there.

    Come get the blood from me now and put up your feet for a minute.

    Just...keep me from going batshit insane from being alone with Ryan after this long day.

    I've got oreos.

  2. Long story short, your "father" and my army are temporarily working together against a common enemy. If you want someone to help you, just ask.

  3. If you want to come help splatter paint the kitchen with me you're more than welcome to. It may help get your mind off of things. (You guys too Lucia and Mister Butterfly :P )

  4. Hmm... for a supposed proxy you seem to have alot of non-proxified friends...

  5. We have... Similar interests and... Hobbies.

  6. Kitty.... I do like oreos...

    Nate, I never seen something like this happen before... Then again I'm not that old haha. But I doubt that this... alliance will not go without quite a bit of futile resistance from some of the more... eccentric 'family' members...

    Either way I'm glad I don't have to pretend not to like you...

    Tori, I've always liked painting... though the things I've drawn are pretty... odd. I still have to get your blood too.... So maybe soon?

    Arty, I AM a proxy, 'father' never told me I couldn't have friends...


  7. Heh. Glad you're so enthusiastic. Need any help with finding that artifact? My Praetorians are busy, but I'm free.

  8. Well An, I'm free all of today if you like. And honestly, If you wanna claim a guest room to paint (as long as you visit from time to time, doesn't matter why) go crazy(with the paint that is)!

    -sigh- Nate, you and your Roman terminology....