Departure and Arrival

No one saw me.

I made sure of it.

Attended a certain funeral.

Don't really know why.

Just had to I guess...

It was pretty boring just so you know.

So explosions or fire.

Definitely no blood.

Just...... shock... and awe?

Everyone seemed distant.

Most likely cause 'father' stood beside me.

He's been.... taking a real interest in my situation with the Artifact and the Construct.

Won't leave me the fuck alone.


Because I know you're going to read this, Tor..... You remind me that music can still be beautiful.

Now on another topic.

Much more uplifting.

....and delicious.


Yes, a many of you are wondering when I will finally pick up the fucking pace and get to work draining you of this such precious substance.

It's just since the accident with Nate's......

Since I had that 'incident' I find the whole collection process unimportant compared to acquiring the Artifact.

....and no it's not cause of anything else.

Now that you've all been updated as to my current status, I will now get back to tracking the fucking Artifact.

Oh yes, and to all who want to hug me,

I bite.



  1. Good thing I didn't want to hug you then.... although the thought did cross my mind....

    And thanks An. If you want my blood you can come and get it any time. I'm free.

  2. Figures He would show up, he probably wanted to pay his last respects to a good servant. (Explanation soon, I promise.)

  3. And maybe that's part of why I can't remember the funeral.... Tall Pale Fucker messes with my mind.... and memory....

    That also explains why Kako was going bat-shit insane....

  4. .... so if any of you wonder, He's the one who put the black rose there.

    ...I did the teddy...